Saturday, March 22, 2008

Washing a cloth diaper

After removing a soiled diaper from a baby, shake any solids into the toilet. The fleece is great for releasing anything fairly solid. Remove the insert, then rinse any solids still on the diaper; you may want to add a squirt of hand soap while you are rinsing the diaper and the insert. While not necessary, we highly recommend the mini toilet spray for rinsing any dirty diapers. Finally, drop the diaper into your dry diaper pail ready to be laundered.

We normally wash our diapers at about 60 degrees Celsius. You may hang your diapers to dry (The sun naturally bleaches out any stains!) or put them in the dryer on LOW heat!

A Few Important Tips:

Caring for your diapers properly will keep your diapers looking & performing their best. The following is a list of things that can harm your diapers and cause the fabrics to break down, resulting in a leaky diaper!

  • Don't use any bleach products. Bleach leaves a residue on diapers and can cause irritation to the baby's skin. It also breaks down the fibers in the diapers, shortening their life.
  • Don't use fabric softener. It will coat the diapers making them water repellent and will cause leaks! Some babies are sensitive to the softener residue left on diapers as well. The same problem might happen if you use dryer sheets in your dryer. If you encounter leaks, try line drying instead.
  • Don't use natural soap products such as pure glycerine soap. They may clean the fibers, but a slight oily film or "soap scum" is left on the fleece. When this happens it makes it very difficult for urine to get through the layer of fleece to the insert.
  • Don't wash or dry on HOT or HIGH HEAT! The PUL layer (waterproof outer) is meant for warm or low heat only! Preserve the life of your nappies by following this recommendation
  • Don't use a nappy barrier or balm cream with these diapers - it will leave a greasy residue on the fleece which is very difficult to remove. If you want to use a cream because of severe nappy rash, use nappy liners to prevent cream getting onto the cloth diaper.

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