Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fix leaky diapers

When you receive your cloth diapers, wash and dry them several times in warm water. Brand new diapers require several washings to remove natural plant oils before they become absorbent. Try shaking a few drops of water on your diapers - does the water bead up on the surface or get instantly absorbed? If the water droplets bead up then your diapers need a few more washings in hot or warm water using detergent.

If your baby's diaper leak from around the legs while the inside stays relatively dry, then most probably you have the repelling issue with the fleece. To confirm this, perform the water droplets test on the fleece like we described above.

What if you wash repeatedly - and the fleece is still repelling waters? Then most probably it's the issue with the detergent. Check your detergent to see if it contains fabric softeners. Fabric softeners work by coating fabric fibers - and this coating can greatly decrease absorbency. In Singapore, we have found the brand "Kao Attack" to yield the best result. Dynamo and Persil seems to give rise to this repelling issue.

Refer to the section on strip washing the diapers in order to fix this problem.

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