Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gestational diabetes ups obesity risk in offspring

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children born to mothers who developed diabetes during pregnancy are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers, according to a new study.

However, treatment of so-called gestational diabetes reduces the risk.

Dr. Teresa A. Hillier and her colleagues studied nearly 10,000 mother-child pairs enrolled in Kaiser Permanente plans in Hawaii and in the Pacific Northwest during the period from 1995 to 2000. Women with preexisting diabetes were excluded.

Follow-up with the children 5 to 7 years later revealed a significant association between their weight and their mothers' blood glucose levels when tested during pregnancy, the researchers report in the medical journal Diabetes Care.

Specifically, a child was 28 percent more likely to be overweight or obese when the glucose level of the mother during pregnancy was in the top range rather than the lowest.

According to Hillier's team, the trend remained significant after factoring in maternal weight gain, maternal age, number of pregnancies, ethnicity, and birth weight.

However, further analysis showed that the risk of obesity was not significantly increased among children born to mothers with treated gestational diabetes.

"Our results suggest that 'metabolic imprinting' of the future child for obesity occurs with one or more abnormalities on an oral glucose tolerance test," Hillier and her associates conclude. "The risk is modifiable by treating gestational diabetes."

SOURCE: Diabetes Care, September 2007.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to use a Prefold diaper?

Prefolds are easy to use, these cloth diapers are prefolded. It just needs to be pinned via normal dritz pins, snappis or folded into a waterproof diaper cover that will transform it as an all-in-one diaper. It can also be used as a soaker with a diaper cover, or a pocket-diaper for a waterproof experience.

Click on the images below to see detailed instructions for using prefolds
A. For use in the Aplix / Snap diaper or a Diaper Cover
B. Angel Wing Fold
C. Navel defence (for newborn)
D. Night Time Doubler
E. Daytime Doubler
F. Bikini Twist (for baby with heavy thigh)

Prefolds available at The Baby Loft

Friday, May 9, 2008

Celebrity moms talk about parenting...

A few awesome snippets of parenting from Kate Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Helen Hunt, Thandie Newton, Salma Hayek...in many ways celebrities have the same joys and worries just like us...

"I'm very impatient. I like to get things done. I move fast. Patience has been something he's teaching me" - Kate Hudson

"You can't believe you have this without a license, without any training. You learn as you go" - Sigourney Weaver

"they'll do what you do and not what you say" - Helen Hunt

"I remember the first time Ripley saw her shadow. My god. It was like shadows had just been invented." - Thandie Newton

"I relearned how to love everything around me, too." - Salma Hayek

Read the full story at:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Little Green Secrets

Thank you for all your wonderful entries, the contest is now closed, and Wai will be receiving a gift voucher from The Baby Loft. Thanks to your wonderful little green secrets, we have decided to keep this an ongoing segment, so we can all continue to find new ways to keep our planet healthy for our children and their children. You may continue to submit your entries to blog@thebabyloft.com
Winner of My Little Green Secret
We can wrap gifts with natural and reusable materials. For example, we can reuse wrappers given by others or we can make use of cloth as wrappers. When we give cooking utensils or ingredients(dried herbs or etc) to our friends who love cooking, we can wrap it with apron or table cloth. It's like a gift within gift. Marvelous! - Wai

Over the last year, when my bulb blows out, we go and buy an energy saving bulb to replace it. Now we use less energy with that same lamp. It's a very gradual change but it reduces our monthly electric bill and it's good for the environment - Amy
When we have to save leftover food in the fridge, we cover it with another plate or put it in a washable container. Never use Cling Wrap or Ziploc bags unless you have to! - Lee Min
I put a fold-able cloth shopping bag in my handbag and in my car so that whenever I am out doing shopping or marketing I can make use of it instead of using plastic bag. - Molly
I try to use more energy-saving tools or items in my daily usage. For example, in my house, we use only enerygy-saving lights bulbs. I also make use of multi-level steamer which can cook the rice, and steam dishes at the same time which save me money and time and it is healthier way than frying in oil. My husband also bought me a very good thermal pot which cut my cooking time to more than half. I use it to cook my baby's porridge which reduces the cooking time from 30mins to 10mins and it keeps it warm until she is ready for her meal. I use it a lot for making soups and hot desserts as well. Good investment and good for the earth. - Molly
One simple thing that requires no effort...we print on both sides of the paper. The printer is never loaded with paper, the paper to reuse is right next to the printer. If someone in the family needs to print something for formal use, they actually have to reach in the drawer to get clean paper. - Steven
I try to live a more earth-friendly way when I choose a new job nearer to my workplace so that I can carpool with my husband as well as use less petrol. Even though the job pay lesser than the other job offer, I find it worthwhile as it also lessens the stress of being caught in a traffic jam, not to mention higher car petrol bill. - Bang Ai
Although the best thing is to not use any plastics, most of us cannot live without it. I learned that even though you can recycle a lot of plastic products, the lower the number printed at the bottom, the more likely it can be recycled. - Georgia
I gather all recycled paper, envelopes, plastic bags, bottles, containers, clothes neatly so that it is easier to locate, use or give away. - Molly
Technology has helped us to be more environmental-friendly. Whenever possible, I would use E-cards, E-mails, E-statements, and etc. I pay my bills online, I get my utilities companies sent my statement electronically, use E-filing for my income tax and in my company we try to go paperless as possible in our documentations, notices, forms etc. This help to reduce the amount of papers we used. - Lim
My whole family practice vegetarianism. I think this is a good way to help the environment by being a vegetarian as the it helps to reduce animal agriculture which can contributes to global warming and environmental destruction. I think everyone can do the same, starting with perhaps one meal per day or one day in every week for a start. :) - Molly
I bring my own thermos mug to get my daily coffee from Starbucks or Coffee Bean, so we throw away one less paper cup. - Emily
It is nice to have a vase of fresh plant / flower in the bathroom. So, I use old glass Nescafe container for this purpose. The shape of the container is quite nice. And some more, it’s free. I have 3 bathrooms in the house, so I save more money there :) - Zarita
I unplug all my chargers when I am not using them. Supposedly even if you have nothing turned on or actively charging, it is still leaking electricity. It reduces your bill and saves money too - D'Lynn