Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to use a Prefold diaper?

Prefolds are easy to use, these cloth diapers are prefolded. It just needs to be pinned via normal dritz pins, snappis or folded into a waterproof diaper cover that will transform it as an all-in-one diaper. It can also be used as a soaker with a diaper cover, or a pocket-diaper for a waterproof experience.

Click on the images below to see detailed instructions for using prefolds
A. For use in the Aplix / Snap diaper or a Diaper Cover
B. Angel Wing Fold
C. Navel defence (for newborn)
D. Night Time Doubler
E. Daytime Doubler
F. Bikini Twist (for baby with heavy thigh)

Prefolds available at The Baby Loft

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