Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fix stinky diapers

Cloth diapering should never be stinky. If your diapers smell bad as soon as they get used, then there is a problem. Usually the problem is detergent build-up. Occasionally the problem is that they are not getting clean enough.

Smell them when they are wet out of the washer or warm out of the dryer. If they smell at that point, then they are not getting cleaned enough. If they smell fine but stink as soon as your baby pees in it, then they have detergent build-up problem.

Build-up refers to residue left by detergents, fabric softeners, and other substances used to clean diapers. The first suggestion which will work for both problems is to make sure you have enough water in your washing machine and enough "swish" room for your diapers. Some front-loading washing machines do not add enough water to thoroughly soak the diapers and will not do a good job in getting them clean. Adding water to the machine can remedy this problem. Do not overload your machine with diapers or they will not get clean. The diapers need their "swish" room!

If you have detergent build-up, then it is time to strip wash them. Please refer to the section on strip washing the diapers.

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