Friday, March 21, 2008

Slings Resource Page

This is the main resource page to route you to everything you need to know about baby carriers, including slings and pouches.

~ How to use a Sling: Just got your sling? This is your Sling 101 area.

~ Frequently Asked Questions: All your questions answered. Email us at if you have a question about babywearing.

~ Products: Baby carriers come in several styles and fabrics. Choose yours to fit your preferences...
  • Ring Sling - versatile to carry baby in different positions, adjustable for mommy and daddy to share, doubles as a blanket or nursing cover.
  • Pouch - easy to use with no buckles or rings to fumble with, reversible design, choose cotton for daily use or fashionable silk

    ~ Photo Gallery: See it for yourself, you can find pictures of other mommies and daddies with their baby carriers.

    ~ Reading Corner: Articles and news on babywearing
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