Friday, March 21, 2008

Cloth Diapering Resource Page

This is the main resource page to route you to everything you need to know about Cloth Diapering

~ Why use Cloth Diapers?

~ How to use a Cloth Diaper?: Just got your diaper? Trying to decide which one to get? This is your Cloth Diapers 101 area.

~ Frequently Asked Questions: All your questions answered. Email us at if you have a question about cloth diapering.

~ Products: Cloth diapers can be modern, chic and easy-to-use too, you can find many options:
- Bumwear - colorful snap-on with terry inserts
- EASI - all-in-one with a sewn-in soaker
- Freshbots - easy velcro/snaps with cotton inserts
- Prefolds - unbleached 100% cotton to use on its own or as a soaker
- Snappi - multilayered terry cloth
- Bambino Mio - trial packs with everything you need to start
- Training pullups - for those in between stages

~ Reading Corner: Articles and news on Cloth diapering

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