Friday, March 21, 2008

SCRATCH 'n' SNIFF Painting

Ever wonder how to recapture those fun (and pricey) "scratch and sniff" pages in children books? Try this out.

You'll need:
Craft glue
Paint brush
Food essence

1. Spread the craft glue over a drawn spot/shape/picture on the paper
2. Brush a drop of food essence of your choice (banana, strawberry, vanilla, mint, … yummy!)
3. Sprinkle powdered gelatin over the wet craft glue with food essence.
4. Let it dry. The craft glue will dry clear and you'll be left with a sweet-smelling "scratch and sniff" spot.

1. Draw a picture of the fruit (eg. Strawberry).
2. Paint it with watercolors. Leave to dry.
3. Repeat step 1-4 of above, over the painted picture (eg. Strawberry). Use the appropriate food essence (strawberry), and you'll have a yummy yummy picture!

** For babies and toddlers, this activity is great for stimulating their sense of "smell", in a safe and fun way !
** For older kids, have them involved to draw, paint, spread, sprinkle and SMELL their fruits of success!

Adapted from 'Rainy Day Play" by Nancy Fusco Castaldo

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