Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What to pack for the hospital...

Giving birth is an exciting time...get your hospital bag packed early...then sit back and enjoy the process!

- 1 set of comfy clothes for yourself for the day you come home (maternity clothes work fine, and don't forget a set of nursing bra and big comfy undies)
- 1 set of pajamas for daddy
- Socks
- Slippers
- Lip balm
- Lotion
- Toothbrush and toothpaste for both mommy and daddy
- Toiletries for both mommy and daddy (facial wash, moisturizer, etc)
- Hair brush and hair ties (if you have long hair)
- Phone numbers for family
- Phone numbers for doctors, insurance company
- Books to keep yourself entertained while you are recovering
- Snacks and plenty of water, for daddy to munch on while he waits and between meals for mommy
- Nursing privacy cover for the times when you have guests while baby is feeding (or use your baby sling instead)
- Clothes to wear at the hospital (most mommies prefer to stay in hospital gowns...if you bring your own, make sure they are big and comfy, and easy to access for nursing)
- 2 sets of baby clothes for the day baby comes home (in case baby has a boo-boo before he/she heads out)
- Baby sling to carry baby
- Baby blanket
- Car seat for baby
- Camera!!

Any other things that worked for you? Send your comments along!

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